Dura Doggie


This product has been discontinued.

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Who said that a ball couldn't have a smiley personality, with a tough side? Well, obviously they haven't met the Nebo with an arguably (we don't use this word much) "cute" smile. But don't let that smile fool you, this vanilla-smelling, floating, bouncy ball is mad tough. 

The ball sounds cool, but the best part is that a 20% of each toy purchase goes to a charity.

20% of green Beba sales goes to environmental groups

20% of orange Beba sales goes to fighting diabetes

The Nebo is proudly made in the USA.
This toy has a nice bounce for extra chasing.
Awesome! The Nebo floats in the water.
This product can be recycled. Mother Nature thanks you.

Size Guide

Dog Size Product Size
15-35 lbs Nebo2.6 inches in diameter
35-60 lbs Nebo2.6 inches in diameter
60-90 lbs Nebo4 inches in diameter
90+ lbs Nebo4 inches in diameter
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