About Indestructible Dog

Indestructible Dog is the store for tough dogs (and pups).

For us every dog is a tough dog so whether your dog is a military dog, a service dog, has been rescued, has survived cancer or just stays calm while being chased by your 2-year-old, our store is dedicated to carrying the best quality, hand-picked products for your dog.

Toughness is more than just physical strength and our happy customers range from tiny toy dogs to extra-large dogs. We are always looking for the best products for these awesome canines.

You'll notice that we rate our products on toughness. Use this scale along with our size guide to get the right products for your tough dog. We love to hear from you so whether you have a question or just want to tell us how awesome your dog is, contact us. Don't forget to tag your pups best photos on social media with #mydogistough