Paw-zzle Ball
Paw-zzle Ball
Paw-zzle Ball
Paw-zzle Ball
Paw-zzle Ball
Paw-zzle Ball
Hueter Toledo

Paw-zzle Ball

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3 hours. You may ask what we mean. Well, you're dog is going to spend countless hours trying to get the ball out of the ball. No need to worry, though. The inside ball isn't going anywhere because its locked behind and indestructible dog ball cage, of sorts.

And to make it more interesting, with the Large-size Paw-zzle Ball, you can stuff some treats in the inside ball to drive them even crazier! Nice!

The Paw-zzle Ball is proudly made in the USA.

Size Guide

Dog Size Product Size
0-15 lbs Small4.5" in diameter
15-35 lbs Medium (6")6" in diameter
35-60 lbs Medium (6")6" in diameter
60-90 lbs Large (10")10" in diameter
90+ lbs Large (10")10" in diameter
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