Goughnuts Black
Goughnuts Black
Goughnuts Black
Goughnuts Black

Goughnuts Black

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Dogs go nuts. It's simple, really. These Goughnuts are some of the toughest dog toys you can find. Whether your pup loves to chew the devil out of something or chase a bouncy, rolling donut, then this is a solid choice. Even better, like all Goughnuts, if and when your dog ever chews a chunk out of the toy and you can see any part of the red center then you know that it's time for a new toy. Awesome.

The Goughnuts Black is proudly made in the USA.
This toy has a nice bounce for extra chasing.
This product can be recycled. Mother Nature thanks you.

Size Guide

Dog Size Product Size
15-35 lbs Small3.75 inches in diameter
35-60 lbs Medium5 inches in diameter
60-90 lbs Large6 inches in diameter
90+ lbs Large6 inches in diameter
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