Good Cuz
Pictured: Large
Pictured: Medium
Pictured: Small
Good Cuz
Pictured: Large
Pictured: Medium
Pictured: Small
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Good Cuz

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It's good to be Good Cuz... it's squeaky! Just look at that little ball thingy with legs and feet. It's prime for your dog to sit, stay, jump and attack the Good Cuz, because your dog has been good today. Besides the menacing, super bouncy ball shape, the squeak will drive your dog absolutely nuts. Prepare for total awesomeness and a few "squeak, squeak, squeaks!"

Note: Eventually the feet will come off, but after that it's golden.


Colors vary. Available in green and pink.

This toy has a nice bounce for extra chasing.
This toy enjoys being sqeaked!

Size Guide

Dog Size Product Size
0-15 lbs Small2" in diameter
15-35 lbs Medium3" in diameter
35-60 lbs Medium3" in diameter
60-90 lbs Large4" in diameter
90+ lbs Large4" in diameter
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