PoopBags Dispenser with Lavendar Scented PoopBags
Earth Rated

PoopBags Dispenser with Lavendar Scented PoopBags

This product has been discontinued.

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POOP doesn't have to be so bad. Not only does this dispenser use Earth Rated PoopBags that can biodegrade in as little as 24 months, but the dispenser is pretty wicked awesome. This dispenser is perfect to clip onto anything like a leash and even has a clip to put your used bags until you dispose of them. Lets not forget too, the bags smell of lovely lavender, even if the contents don't smell nearly as nice.

Can be fitted to any standard roll, including PoopBag replacements

Includes: 1 dispenser, 15 bags

This product is made of eco-friendly materials.

Size Guide

Dog Size Product Size
0-15 lbs 1 dispenser
15-35 lbs 1 dispenser
35-60 lbs 1 dispenser
60-90 lbs 1 dispenser
90+ lbs 1 dispenser
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