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Paraflight Glow
Paraflight Glow
Paraflight Glow
Paraflight Glow

Paraflight Glow

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Whoo! Night time fetch! There's no missing this disc at night so fetch no longer needs to be limited to daytime anymore! With the Paraflight Glow, you can extend fetch time into the early mornings and late evenings. This disc is designed with glow in the dark 3D print on its fabric and has a glow in the dark rubber ring on the bottom to help your dog locate it no matter which way it ends. Bonus: it floats!

Awesome! The Paraflight Glow floats in the water.

Size Guide

Dog Size Product Size
15-35 lbs Small6.5 inches in diameter x .5 inches thick
60-90 lbs Large9.5 inches round x .75 inches thick
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