Choosing a Dog Toy

Why Dogs Chew 

Understanding why dogs chew is the first step in picking out the right toy. Puppies chew to explore and check out interesting objects around the house. In addition, chewing massages the gums and makes the teething process a bit more bearable. It is important to identify chewing is a normal part of dog life. It is the destructive chewing, and “what” the dog chews on where a dog owner has an incredible amount of influence and can direct this need to the proper setting. 

Dogs commonly engage in destructive chewing for the following reasons:

  • Boredom. Dogs are smart creatures, and crave mental stimulation. The lack of mental activity leads to a last resort to chew on anything available.
  • Training. Puppies and dogs need to be taught not to chew on “unauthorized” objects. More specifically, dogs can learn only toys given to them are for chewing on. 
  • Attention. Similar to destructive chewing caused by boredom, sometimes your dog will knowingly chew on your household items for attention. Dogs need mental and physical activity every day. 
  • Anxiety and/or fear. As desirable as a dog’s life may seem (play al l day and sleep) many do suffer from anxiety and fears. Often dogs will use chewing as an outlet for these stresses. 

Different Types of Toys

  • Chew Toys. Dogs exert on average 320 lbs of bite pressure. This is why most dog toys are not technically considered “chew toys.” Products manufactured to withstand in destructive power of a dogs mouth are constructed out of materials tested and proven to last.
  • Interactive Toys. Does your dog love to rip the cotton stuffing out of toys? Maybe his/her sole mission is to extract that squeaker from the toy. This behavior may mean your dog would experience satisfaction through an interactive toy. Interactive toys are great because they give your dog a challenging task such as trying to remove a treat from a toy with a “treat spot.” Another great alternative is the “Teaser Ball.” 
  • Throw (Retrieval) Toys. Ever thrown the tennis ball with your dogs? Usually, dogs love retrieving objects. Choosing the right retrieval toy is important. Tennis balls and other products not designed for dogs, and can contain harmful glues and toxic dyes. Be sure to choose only toys designed for dogs. 
  • Tug Toys. Tug toys are unique because the toy needs to be flexible enough for the dog to pull and jerk, but also be quite tough and durable. 

What to Look for

  • Size. Choosing the right size is important. Dogs are most destructive when a toy is excessively chewed with their back teeth. The ideal toy is large enough where a dog cannot get the toy completely lodged in the back teeth. More importantly, small toys can be a serious choking hazard. When in doubt on a size, go for the larger toy. 
  • Materials & Construction. Toys made from 100% rubber sound like a good thing right? Wrong. 100% rubber toys can be destroyed 15 seconds. Chew toys constructed out of a nylon composite are great because it is non-toxic, and very small pieces pass through a dog’s digestive tract easily. Other products created from variations of polyethylene are quite tough and durable. 
  • Warranty. Top products constructed to withstand the most challenging dogs often come with some sort of replacement warranty. These can range from 7 days to 1 year depending on the type of toy, manufacturer, and specified use of the toy. 
  • Floats. If you take your dogs to the lake or in to the pool with you, looking for toys that float can be a lot of fun. New materials are being developed that are incredibly durable and float. 
  • Where You Buy. Where you buy toys and other dog products can be more important that what you buy. Stores dedicated to excellence by providing quality products and service will direct you to the right product for your dog. For instance, at Indestructible Dog, all products have been individually tested, reviewed and are guaranteed to last. 

Read the Reviews

Check out the reviews of satisfied customers. Reviews are purely voluntary, and only accepted by customers. It is the ultimate solution to finding out for yourself which toy reigns supreme. The Indestructible Dog Team is also reviewing products and posting those to the website. Check these out for a more in-depth look into a specific product. 

Remember, only at Indestructible Dog every product is Tough Stuff, Guaranteed. If a product doesn’t stand up to your dog, we’ll replace it for free. 

Enjoy your shopping experience, get connected with other dog lovers or just look around. In any case, we look forward to gaining another member into the Indestructible Dog pack.