Our Story

In 2010 a lot was going on. Google threatened to leave China, Gary Coleman kicked the bucket, and the economy continued to limp along like a wounded ferret. Albeit, Apple released the iPad, Doogie Howser (AKA: Neil Patrick Harris) won an Emmy, and Michigan was no longer considered the worst economy in the country.

It would be two guys who thought it would be a swell idea to launch an online business in of all places – Michigan.

We at Indestructible Dog have the best jobs in the world. We get paid to play with our dogs all day, seek out the sweetest dog stuff on the market, and talk to dog aficionados all day long. Our M.O. (Latin for Modus Operandi – we checked on Wikipedia) sell only the best, toughest dog stuff in one place. Whether chewed, destroyed, or you just don’t love it, we’ll replace it for free.

If you want to know more about Indestructible Dog , the people, or products, contact us!