Indestructible Dog Cares

An easy way for your non-profit to raise funds

At Indestructible Dog, we want to make sure every tough dog is happy, safe and well-looked after. Rescues, shelters and other non-profits that work tirelessly to help canines every single day, earn our utmost respect.

To help these organizations continue their great work, we created the Indestructible Dog Cares program. An organization that is part of the Indestructible Dog Cares program will receive 8% of every sale that comes through their unique link or coupon code. No limits on the number of times an individual makes purchases and no restrictions or hard to follow rules.

How does my organization sign up?

Dog shelters, rescues and other dog related 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations  within the US are eligible to sign up for this program. Fill out the form below to apply. We will review your application and once accepted, you will receive an email with your organizations login to their personalized dashboard, access to their unique link and coupon code as well as banners and creative that they can publish on their website. 

This sounds too good to be true. What are the caveats?

There really aren’t any! ANY purchase made using your unique link or coupon code will automatically be credited to your organization and you will receive 8% of the sale generated. For example, if someone used your unique link and purchased $100 worth of toys and treats (excludes shipping and taxes) from Indestructible Dog, you will get a $8 donation. Now imagine 100 of such sales from your link/coupon code. That’s $800 (yes, $800) paid out to your organization to help canines that need it the most. To make it as transparent as possible, any sales made from your link or coupon will automatically show up on your organization’s personalized dashboard so you know exactly what your donation payout will look like each month. Simple, right? Don’t wait, sign up now to start seeing your donations grow.

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